Following on from my article about the “branding benefits of customised company clothing” ; today I’m going to talk a little about both the functional benefits of customised company uniform; as well as go into some detail of the specific situations your business or organisation will benefit from branded uniforms.

First Impressions

You only get 7 seconds to make a great first impression. Having the right customised company uniform ensures you and your employees are well presented and therefore guaranteeing the person you are in front of forms the right opinion immediately. It prevents the need for a dress code and rules out any situation where such a code may be misinterpreted. Choosing the right branded company uniform ensures you make the right first impression, every time.


Uniforms create unity between employees. The simple and yet powerful idea of everyone at the same organisation wearing the same uniform creates equality and encourages staff to work as a team. As my business partner Mike will tell you, if everyone in your organisation is pulling in the same direction, working to the same goal, it makes the achievement of such goals easier and quicker. It’s the same in the sporting environment he is surrounded with every day. All this creates a happy workplace. A happy workplace is a productive workplace but most importantly it’s a place employees will look forward to their work and ultimately stay with you. Employees are the faces of your company and you want those faces to be smiling!


Having an identifiable uniform can be very beneficial. In a public swimming pool the lifeguard wears a red swim suit; security services all use similar styles of items which have connotations of authority and make them recognisable as being security, hospital staff; supermarket staff wear uniforms so they are easily identifiable by customers who need assistance.For tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers and builders, the benefits are twofold. Wearing branded customised clothing provides a fantastic opportunity for you to advertise your business. I wrote about this in my previous post; but it is worth revisiting as it still surprises me how tradespeople don’t use their workwear as more of an opportunity to promote their business and services. In addition to this; for the majority of such trades, working in people´s homes. For your customers, having a stranger working in their house, for a lot of the time when they are not there, is a big deal. Being easily identifiable as a tradesperson, as well as taking care in your appearance makes a great first impression (see what I did there). Customers will see you as more trustworthy, both in terms of actually getting the job done and being left in their home.


For a lot of industries, wearing a uniform or workwear is a must. If you work within rail, construction, manufacturing or similar industries you will already be aware of the requirements. I’ll not confuse those of you who aren’t familiar with the actual standards, but for example, if you are looking to work within the rail industry you will need to source orange hi-vis clothing. If you are working on sites where there is a lot of vehicle movement you will definitely be required to wear hi-vis vests. In industries such as fabrication, fire retardant overalls are a must.In some circumstances, uniforms will be colour coded to determine departments or areas staff are working in. This gives a great visual indicator as to whether staff are in the wrong area and therefore at a potential risk either due to not wearing the correct PPE, or having not been briefed and the relevant health and safety protocol for that department. This concept is very applicable to many manufacturing businesses, the construction business, electricity generation, chemical industries and others. In these types of businesses, employees have different roles, all of which come with specific health and safety requirements dependent on the requirements of their position. For example in the waste industry staff working on the vehicles out collecting waste need to be wearing suitable cut resistant gloves and reinforced work trousers suitable for the risks of dealing with waste.


Many employees use different tools during their day and need to enjoy an ease of access to them regularly. Work trousers with multiple pockets can provide this function. Some employees in the construction industry or miners will work in dark conditions making a head torch essential to their job. Gloves can protect employees from adverse weather conditions. Some uniforms are designed with materials that can be washed regularly and at high temperatures and are ideal for industries where you are getting dirty on a daily basis i.e painters and decorators, landscape gardeners and plasterers.
There are many reasons examples of why company uniforms can benefit employees, employers and customers. Whatever your reasons for wanting company uniforms Bubble Customised Clothing wants to understand your reasons for requiring uniform. We can then create a solution for you that fits your needs. We have a wealth of experience in creating company uniforms and will create a style with your logo and colours incorporating the right materials and design.