A lot of changes are happening at Bubble customised clothing. All positive things! We’re still expanding our reach, hired new staff and organising a new website. Watch this space for updates on our progress.

I’ve outlined our Customised Approach for our customers that shows why we’re different and better than other customised clothing companies.

We work by using a customised approach to your needs. Customised clothing is a manufacturing process that requires adaptability and expertise. Our customer service is exactly the same. We manufacture garments for all types of industries and different purposes. We adapt to each of our customers and help them with our manufacturing expertise. We want you to have the best possible experience of making your choice and the best possible garment that will not only look great but will also pass the test of time. We’re proud to be a family business and our approach to business reflects this. We offer a fast turnaround and our quality is assured.

We want to understand why you want the item of clothing. What will you be using it for? How often? Is the item going to be washed frequently? We then start to work on how to achieve the best product, with a fast turnaround and the best delivery option for you.

With our close approach we’re going to achieve 4 things.

1. A real understanding of your needs.

2. Customerised, expert advice on how we’re going to achieve your needs.

3. An easy transition from beginning to end. We find out what you need, we help you pick exactly what you want and then we customise your items using our manufacturing expertise.

4. Making sure you’re happy by removing stress. Guaranteeing that our customer service, the customised end product, our fast turnaround, delivery services and your experience of working with us exceeds your expectations. We want you to look great and feel great.

We use 4 processes which are Embroidery, Direct To Garment printing, Transfers and Screen Printing. We use the best suppliers of clothing and have thousands of different options. You don’t need to be an expert on each process or on fabrics because we will advise you on both. The final decision will always come down to you and we like to offer different choices that we think will be the best for you. We know that your choice of customised clothing is the best choice and we´ll ensure you´re in control.

We’re trusted to make customised clothing for large companies such as The Walt Disney Company (Disney), O2, Warrington Wolves and others. When you let us know what you need, you´ll soon learn that we´re the best at delivering exactly what you want. Every item of clothing is manufactured with high quality standards as we know that when our friends look good, they feel good.