How uniforms increase Brand Recognition and Brand Identity

In short, uniforms create brand awareness, they will advertise your business or team. For smaller startups or less recognised brands, uniforms have a strong marketing impact. Displaying your logo frequently will help increase both its recognition and brand awareness.

Businesses are thought of as abstract organisations and money making machines, but in reality they’re made up of people. These groups of people, work together to help provide goods and services for other people. Due to the large amount of competition providing similar goods and services all businesses want to stand out; be remembered and recommended. It is the aim of all business to have strong reputation and exceptional brand awareness.

Wearing your logo and colours

Having people wearing your logo shows they’re a part of your company. The individuals act as walking advertisements and are way more effective than traditional billboards. Why better? Because our response is significantly higher to the actions of a moving advertisement than a simple billboard.

Ever just people watch? There are many reasons we observe other humans. We take cues about how to behave at a particular place; we observe out of simple curiosity or more often than not sheer nosiness. Studies show that the eye likes motion, specifically, the beginning of motion known as motion onset. (RA – Abrams, 2003) This effect is difficult to replicate naturally even by using moving billboards but your employees wearing your uniform will do it naturally.

The question is: are you using this marketing resource to its full potential?

Truth is, every single time a customer or potential customer interacts with one of your staff they are interacting with your brand. For a lot of your customers, this is more often than not the most memorable and significant interaction they have with your organisation. If one of your staff goes out for lunch and sits down at a table, despite never speaking to anyone but the waiter, hundreds of people will have seen their uniform and your brand.

It is worth noting as well, employees wearing their company uniforms in public become more mindful of their behaviour. If you are concerned about having customised clothing because of your employees behaviour in the public domain, then you have the wrong employees! When your staff are easily identifiable, they’ll be more conscious of the way they behave and will not want to do anything that will risk affecting the perception the public has of their company. As we mentioned earlier, they’re a walking billboard, except a lot more effective. We feel closer to people than we do to inanimate objects.

Uniforms make it much easier for your customers to ask for assistance. If you consider the retail sector or supermarkets some examples really stand out, such as Asda’s iconic green uniform. As soon as you step foot inside one of their stores you can easily figure out who to ask, if you can´t find something or need to ask a question.

Take my hometown of Warrington as an example; in particular the rugby club Warrington Wolves. We all associate the colours primrose and blue with the club. On game day, and when you see the colours around the time, you immediately associate the primrose and blue with the club.

Use your uniform as an opportunity to demonstrate your values to your customers. Businesses use colours for their brand to represent their values, for example, green to represent an environmentally conscious ethos, red for health and safety and blue for professionalism etc. Wearing these colours within the company internally will remind employees about the values and to uphold them, as well as reinforcing them with your customers. Again this further strengthens your brand identify and makes you stand out from your competitors.

All of this is not just relevant to SME’s and large businesses. Sole traders still need to work on a strong business logo and brand. Use your uniform as an opportunity to promote your business and services when you are out in your local community. “Colour is registered by the brain before either images or typography. Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%. ” – Source: University of Loyla, Maryland study. Use the colours of your logo within the uniform itself.

There are so many options out there that choosing customised clothing and uniforms for your business can at times appear like a mine field. Use this as an opportunity to try something different and stand out from the crowd. At Bubble Customised Clothing we’ve designed many different uniforms and can advise where best to use your brand colours, company logo and any messages you would like to tell your customers and the public. Regardless of the sector you work in, there are options out there for you. Think outside the box, be creative, even better, let us be creative and start maximising the opportunities customised clothing can provide for your organisation.